Cultivating a savings habit

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Enables IFA’s in Bishops Stortford are great believers in the value of cultivating a habit of making savings. Much financial stability can come from saving but in the current economic climate having enough money for savings has proved difficult for many families.  Two recent surveys have revealed the extent to which families have lost the […]

5% on your savings?

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Despite the budget purportedly being for savers it is still a bit hard to see what you should do with any cash. The record low interest rates for savers over the last few years have been shocking especially following the government’s launch of the Funding for Lending Scheme in July 2012.  The scheme has now […]

Budget Savings…

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With the 2014 budget one of the area’s Enable will be able to help with is a review of your savings. Osborne announced a complete overhaul of tax-free individual savings accounts (Isas), saying savers would be allowed to invest up to £15,000 a year in cash accounts, stocks and shares or a mix of the […]