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Learning to make investments…

Kevin Peachey Personal finance reporter, for the BBC has said recently  “A learner driver’s natural instinct, when their vehicle is veering to the left, is to overcompensate and find the car is swerving to the right. With experience, the driver learns how to maintain a steady course by taking stock of where they are on the road and making slight adjustments as they go along. The same can be argued for making choices about financial investments.”

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Enable’s experienced Independent Financial Advisor agree that the whole person and their emotional development have to come in to play. Greg Davies, the head of the behavioural finance team at Barclays, says,” people should recognise how their emotions can affect their financial decision making. “People are much more comfortable taking risks when times are good, when markets are high, not when there is crisis and panic,” he says. “Yet, selling out at the bottom of the market and sitting on the cash may be costly. “Mr Davies is evangelical about considered investing. He only allows himself to make his own investment decisions at the weekend, when he has time to sit down to think about them.”

Greg leads a relatively unusual team at Barclays, who encourage people – both within the bank and their clients – to consider psychology before making investment decisions. He says that a set of rules can save investors from making bad decisions on a whim. The Barclays behavioural finance team was set up in 2006, and was the first of its kind established by a bank. Enable’s IFA’s in Bishops Stortford also think it wise to learn slowly and carefully to make investments. If you feel a bit more like a learner driver we can take you through your paces to get you up to speed.

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