Buy-to-let landlords and the stamp duty holiday

July 20, 2020

If you are buy-to-let landlord Enable’s IFAs in Bishops Stortford can help you look at your options when it comes to expanding your property portfolios. Property investors have been urged to take advantage of Rishi Sunak’s stamp duty holiday by expanding their portfolios. But maybe you have to get moving if you want to take full advantage of the opportunity. Some sources are predicting that... more >

Considering overpaying on your mortgage?

For some Covid-19 has been a time of saving and if you have been not spending and find you have some spare cash Enable’s experienced IFA in Bishops Stortford can help you look at reducing your mortgage. With savings rates at an all-time low overpaying on your mortgage could be a bit of a no-brainer at the moment.  But as with many money matters the devils in the detail. There can still be so... more >

House prices predictions

July 15, 2020

We all need somewhere to live and property in the UK is bound to remain a sensible investment. Enable’s IFAs in Bishops Stortford noticed that some recent forecasts predict that the UK property prices are expected to rise by 1.9% between June and September. As with a whole host of activities, there has understandably been a surge in buyer demand after the lockdown has lifted. This is bound to... more >

Taking advantage of the Covid-19 Stamp Duty holiday

July 13, 2020

Stamp duty has changed and changed again over the years but Enable’s IFAs in Bishops Stortford are pleased to see the introduction of a temporary Stamp Duty holiday. Stamp duty is a tax paid by people buying properties, although it varies slightly across the UK. In England and Northern Ireland, buyers pay Stamp Duty Land Tax. In Scotland, it is Land and Buildings Transaction Tax, while in Wales ... more >

Remember the other costs involved with buying or moving home

July 10, 2020

Despite Covid-19, we all need somewhere to live and we might still be considering buying or moving. Enable’s IFAs in Bishops Stortford are happy to help people look at their options for buying and moving home whatever the circumstances but it is always important to keep in mind the costs involved with buying a house or flat. When you are thinking about buying a new home, a Buy-to-let or movin... more >

Re-mortgaging a Buy-to-let Property?

July 7, 2020

Enable’s experienced IFAs in Bishop's Stortford have recently been encouraging people to look at re-mortgaging. The same reasons apply for re-mortgaging and a Buy-to-let property as it tries to keep your mortgage on the best possible mortgage product deal at any given time. For many landlords and domestic mortgage holders, the best product is the one with the most cost-effective interest rate. ... more >

Should I be using a Notice Savings account?

July 3, 2020

Enable’s IFAs in Bishop's Stortford know that savers continue to be disheartened by the continuing fall in easy access savings rates. If you have some savings that you want to put in the best possible place for the short term you could consider a notice account. Some notice accounts are currently offering an average rate that’s 0.34% higher than that from easy access accounts. Currently the... more >

Looking for a Fixed Rate mortgage?

July 1, 2020

In times of such uncertainty, many mortgage consumers will be looking to find a fixed-rate mortgage. Enable’s IFAs in Bishops Stortford are pleased to see that, despite the fall in overall deals available, the total percentage of deals in the market that offer incentives for a fixed-rate mortgage has increased recently. In addition to Enable’s recent mortgage deal discounted fees for re-mor... more >

What does Inflation falling mean for savers?

June 26, 2020

Enables’ IFAs recently noted that may on furlough have been saving money recently but despite inflation falling to a four-year low of 0.5% during May 2020, savers are still struggling to find attractive savings deals as providers continue to reduce their rates. Finding the right place for your savings is a continual process that has to be regularly reviewed ideally with an experienced financial ... more >

Later life borrowing?

June 22, 2020

If you are looking to borrow in later life Enable’s IFA's of Bishop's Stortford might be able to help you with your financial planning. When it comes to mortgages at the moment over half of the residential mortgage deals are available to borrowers aged 55 or over at the point of application. Many also have a maximum age of 75 or above at the end of the mortgage term. Some recent research carr... more >