Home lending up but what does it mean?

July 17, 2017

As part of any financial plan it is important to include the roof over your head. Overall, the Council of Mortgage Lenders estimates that gross mortgage lending reached £20.1 billion in May, up 12% increase on both April and on May last year. They believe it has been driven mainly by remortgaging and first time buyers. It also found that home lending in the UK increased month on month and year o... more >

The value of mergers for a business

July 13, 2017

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most important parts of any corporate growth strategy. So Enable Independent of Bishops Stortford has great pleasure announcing that Enable Independent has merged with Colin Palmer Financial Services. The terms merger and acquisitions are often used interchangeably in the business world but there is a real difference between the two. When two companies co... more >

UK Government schemes helping home buyers

July 12, 2017

Enable’s experienced IFAs of Bishop’s Stortford are delighted to see that there are more first time buyers getting onto the ladder. Some of the most recent figures show over 285,000 home owners, including 240,000 first time buyers, have been supported by the Government’s Help to Buy schemes. New housing minister, Alok Sharma, says that the Help to Buy: Equity Loan continues to be hugely s... more >

Dreaming of an early retirement?

July 9, 2017

Enable’s IFA’s in Bishops Stortford know you are not alone if you are dreaming of an early retirement. And turning that dream into a reality is possible, as long as you take it seriously and commit to taking action early enough.  So what are the conditions you need to try and create to retire early and be financially secure? It may seem like a daunting task but those who have achieved it s... more >

Landlord confidence in UK

July 5, 2017

If you hold property as a landlord as part of your personal portfolio then you are not alone. Most of Enables’ savers and investors will have some of their financial investments in property. For many landlords it seem confidence in the UK rental market has fallen as landlords face the prospect of higher tax costs and weakening house prices.  But alongside that rents appear to be climbing, and p... more >

Millennial pension savings

July 3, 2017

In some recent research from YouGov, Bridging the Young Adults Pension Gap, it is alarming to see that 44 per cent of 18-34 year olds say they have no pension savings provision at all. Enable’s experienced IFA’s in Bishop’s Stortford know that it is important to understand more about pensions to make an informed decision. And the younger you are to start saving into a pension the better. ... more >

Drawing on a pension pot

June 30, 2017

Enables’ IFA’s in Bishop’s Stortford have witnessed many savers In recent months enjoying their pension with buoyant stock markets driving investments to new highs, but some experts are warning that this may be tempting some into decisions they could regret. Pension drawdown has soared in popularity since April 2015, when the new freedoms for the over-55s gave them full control over their... more >

Enable’s June Newsletter – Don’t miss our first-time buyers LIVE Q & A session

June 8, 2017

Dream. Plan. Live. Don't miss our first-time buyers LIVE Q & A session on our FACEBOOK PAGE • Tuesday 20th June 8pm We understand you may have many questions regarding buying your first-time home; from property share, to how much you can afford, to whether you are eligible for any Government schemes so in response to this we will be holding a LIVE Q & A session on our Facebook page s... more >

Have you thought about making a living will?

June 7, 2017

Enable’s Independent financial advisors are discussing the need to consider a living will with more and more clients. A living will is a document where you express your wishes about how you want to be treated and cared for should certain situations arise. Living wills are particularly important in case where you may lack the capacity to make or communicate your decisions. The term ‘living w... more >

Working till you drop?

June 6, 2017

Helping people save for their retirement is what Enable’s IFA’s in Bishop’s Stortford like to do. But Britain alongside other developed countries such as the US, Canada and Japan, have ever ageing populations with life expectancies of 100. Some global think tanks are suggesting…. “The anticipated increase in longevity and resulting ageing populations is the financial equivalent of climat... more >