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NHS tries to generate funds by selling our health system abroad

News this week that the NHS ‘brand’ could be sold abroad attracted immediate criticism from the Patients Association, who are concerned that with an already stretched health system, could result in specialist hospitals concentrating on getting money from abroad rather than concentrating on its UK customers.

NHS trusts, with world-wide reputation, such as Great Ormond Street, could establish overseas clinics, increasing the revenue generated for the NHS.

Anne Milton, the Health Minster stated: “This is good news for NHS patients, who will get better services at their local hospital as a result of the work the NHS is doing abroad and the extra investment that will generate,” she said.

“This is also good news for the economy, which will benefit from the extra jobs and revenue created by our highly successful life sciences industries as they trade more across the globe.

“The NHS has a world class reputation and this exciting development will make the most of that to deliver real benefits for both patients and taxpayers.”

However the proof is in the pudding, and it will be interesting to see whether tax payers will appreciate sending our most valuable specialist service abroad, and whether as the Health minister states will increase jobs and boost the economy.

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