More Pension changes ahead?

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It is highly likely that the Chancellor is finalising plans that could see the most attractive aspect of pension saving i.e. the boost given to contributions in the form of tax relief curtailed or even scrapped. The Treasury insist that a decision has not yet been made, but those close to Number 11 say a […]

How climate change can affect your pension?

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Many are worried about climate change and Enable’s experienced IFA’s in Bishop’s Stortford are concerned that the legally binding agreement struck by world leaders in Paris earlier this year, to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, may have serious implications for pensioners, invested in “carbon-intensive” companies. Analysts say that more than three-quarters of the world’s known […]

Women and pensions – all you need to know..

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When it comes to retirement savings habits among men and women can differ greatly. Enable’s IFAs in Bishop’s Stortford work hard to make sure the message that saving is crucial for a secure financial future is clear, a recent Scottish Widows report revealed that women save 38% less than men – a gap that has […]

Budget pension change to plan for

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Enable’s experienced IFA’s in Bishop Stortford have been helping many mange the pension aspect of their financial planning recently. Pensions have become increasingly difficult to understand, especially for those in final salary schemes and higher earners and more twists and turns to make sense of are on their way. As expected by many, the amount […]

More pension changes?

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Enable’s IFAs of Bishop’s Stortford note that the government wants to extend the pension overhaul to allow pensioners to sell back annuities to providers. Under the new rules, which took effect in April this year, people aged 55 and over are able to cash in their pension savings rather than buying an annuity. This latest […]