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Pension freedom is upon us?

With new pension freedoms now available Enable’s IFA’s in Bishop’s Stortford can see that only one thing is really clear and that is that the new world of pensions is unchartered waters for providers, advisers and consumers alike.  In this brave new world finding the right path to generating the income you need from savings to retire is what it is all about. Income, security, access and inheritance are the most common priorities among those nearing retirement in our experience but the most used traditional solution to providing for retirement- the annuity is not proving popular.

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In a recent Platforum report, financial advisers were asked how likely it is that they would recommend various retirement savings products in light of the current pension changes. Annuities came off badly, with almost 40 per cent of advisers saying they would not recommend them confirmed by annuity sales figures having plummeted since the pension freedoms were first announced.  This shift presents a huge challenge for providers, particularly as it would seem consumers do not like annuities either the Platforum consumer research also found that only 5 per cent of Telegraph readers would consider an annuity at retirement.

So what will people over 55 choose to do with their pension cash? Non-advised drawdown looks like a particularly risky pension plan many advisors like Enable of Bishops Stortford are looking closely at the options and one very positive outcome is the idea of a multi-asset managed drawdown product, In the Platforum report 60 per cent said they were likely to recommend this route, with only 22 per cent unlikely to do so. A number of fund managers have already brought products to market, most of which look to generate income and offer potential capital growth over the medium to long-term for their clients. If you need help planning your financial future Enable’s IFA’s are happy to talk you through your options.

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