Getting IFA on your pensions works…

A recent report from Unbiased and Standard Life shows that taking independent financial advice could provide a retirement income boost of more than £2,780 a year on average as much as £232 a month. Consumers who have taken pension advice contribute over one third more to their pension pots than those who have not and […]

Halifax figures house stability

The average UK house prices was £163,803 in March, almost identical to the £163,765 in July 2011, says the most recent Halifax data.  Halifax’s monthly house price index showed house prices increased 2.2 per cent in the month, following February’s 0.4 per cent fall showing that prices continue to fluctuate month on month as transactions […]

Bond basics

With much talk of Eurobonds it’s been hard not to know more about them than you might want to but if you are still not sure Enable’s IFA’s can take you through the basics. Governments borrow money by selling securities known as bonds to investors. In return for the investor’s cash, the government promises to […]

Warning against early release pension offers

Income Withdrawal, also sometimes referred to as income drawdown is a means by which a pension fund can provide tax-free cash and, if required, a regular retirement income.  Income withdrawal / income drawdown has become the preferred choice for people with pension funds greater than £50,000 who are ready to take the benefits from their pensions. But […]

Remember it’s ISA time of year…

An Individual Savings Account is a tax wrapper around a savings or investment product which means that the interest you get is not taxed.  The system started in 1999 when the then-chancellor Gordon Brown suggested it would encourage people to save. And they have proved popular. About a third of the UK adult population have […]

So what’s happening in China…

China held its once-every-five-year state meeting on the direction of its financial markets this week-end and the decisions the country’s leaders take are likely to have a large impact not only on their domestic market, but also the global economy so at Enable our experienced financial advisors will be looking at the financial news to […]

Pensions in safe hands…

A key part of June Mulroy’s work will be a blueprint for DC provision which will outline 11 basic principles that trustees, providers and employers will need to follow. The regulator’s initial discussion paper, entitled, Enabling good outcomes in DC pension provision, published in January, identified six elements which it believes are important for achieving […]

Need to make sense of changes to pensions?

The Department for Work and Pensions has amended the Pensions Bill and has redefined money purchase schemes and defined benefit schemes as a result of a recent High Court case. According to John Lawson, head of pensions policy at Standard Life,” the case focused on dividing the line between DB and DC schemes”. The scheme […]

How is your pension performing?

In the news this week “New research, seen exclusively by The Telegraph, shows that more than two thirds of the people who run private sector pension schemes admit that their members do not face “good outcomes” in retirement. In other words, the trustees, consultants and advisers who set up and administer defined contributions (DC) schemes […]

The knock on effect on mortgages – mortgage approvals on the up

The British Bankers’ Association (BBA)reports that the number of mortgage approvals increased around 4% on a monthly and yearly basis in July to 74,590, as gross mortgage lending remained flat for a third consecutive month at £7.6bn. Its figures, represent two-thirds of UK mortgage lending by the main high street banking groups, they show that […]

Investments…we can help you to decipher complex financial information

Enable Independent can help you decipher overly complex financial derivatives. “Despite concerns about their role in the financial crisis, many experts are worried about the re-emergence of increasingly opaque investment products”, says File on 4. “Warren Buffett famously called them weapons of mass destruction and policymakers damned them for their part in the 2008 crash. […]

Which Pensions? So how much will you make?

Returns are based on the level of risk and fluctuation you are willing to take in pursuit of financial gain. For this reason, it is wise to alter your asset allocation over time by lowering your risk levels as you draw closer to retirement. This could be done by turning to either cash or fixed […]