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People skill the Banks…

As experienced Independent financial advisors at Enable in Bishops Stortford we are without a shadow of a doubt convinced that people skills are vital when helping people deal with their finances.  This week it is interesting to see that some of the big banks like JP Morgan and RBS are planning to bring in more graduates with arts and humanities degrees as they get ready to make offers to the next round of graduate trainees.

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Clearly the banks must believe that liberal arts graduates will have the skills to equip them even for areas such as trading, in which more technical subjects such as mathematics have previously been the norm. Indeed one of the vice-chairman in investment banking at JP Morgan, with more than 30 years of experience, Michael Ridley said there has probably been “unconscious bias” against arts graduates but that their skills are valuable. He added: “Even our traders are selling and dealing with people. You need some communication and presentation skills to be able to persuade people to change their mind on things.”

At RBS Glen McGowan, head of RBS Early Career, said academic diversity is key to providing a good service to clients. “Fundamental to this is ensuring that RBS has an attractive proposition to engage students from varying educational disciplines,” he said. McGowan said the bank has adjusted its selection and assessment criteria to accommodate students from all backgrounds.

Enable’s IFA’s appreciate that people skills are fundamental to getting the right advice for your finances.

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