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Remortgage Costs Review – have your reviewed yours?

It is a good idea to regularly check that your current mortgage is as competitive as the best new deals on the market. Sometimes you can save hundreds of pounds by reviewing. Currently, you can register with Enable’s IFAs for a free remortgage application up to the 31st of March, 2020. Enable of Bishops Stortford are offering to waive their normal fixed fee of between £149 to £299 payable, depending on the level of research needed and the type of mortgage applied for to help you review your mortgage costs. 

It usually pays to review your mortgage regularly as with anything you need to buy shopping around is usually a good idea. So if you are in a position to review your mortgage or want some help to look at your options Enable can help you check to see whether you should or could switch to a better deal. 

Although you can often reduce your payments by remortgaging you also have to look out for remortgage costs. Sometimes there are several costs associated with remortgaging. There might be high early repayment charges to pay if you are leaving before the initial locked-in period of your mortgage expires. 

Costs can sometimes come in the form of the fee charged by your new lender. Some might charge you a valuation and legal fees, although these are often waived. There is likely to be an exit fee to pay when you leave your current lender unless it is at the end of a term. It is important to factor these elements into your costs but it still might be worth remortgaging. 

There is more often than not a booking or arrangement fee to pay on the new deal. Enables IFA’s in Bishops Stortford are waiving their fees if you meet to make a remortgage application before the end of March 2020. They will help you weigh up the total cost of any remortgage against the savings you’ll make before you switch. Call on 01279 755 950 to arrange your appointment.

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