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Stop ‘Bedroom tax’ for disabled, dismissed by the High Court this week…

Enable Independent, Financial Advisors in Bishop’s Stortford have been following with interest the housing benefit challenge taken by a group of disabled people to high court this week.

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The group has been challenging the cuts in social housing benefit for those people who have a spare room in the UK. They claimed that the social cuts were a form of discrimination, however the High Court stated that the new extra bedroom tax was not unlawfully discriminate. However it did criticise the government for failing to make an exception where disabled children were involved.

The new social benefit tax named as ‘bedroom tax’ by its critics was introduced in April this year. Anyone who is claiming housing benefit who has a spare bedroom have had their benefit reduced by 14%, and those people who have two or more free rooms have experienced reductions of 25%.

The group claim that the social tax hit them disproportionally and that it was a type of discrimination, stating that the extra bedroom is often needed for extra medical equipment, or in if a child had a behavioral problem it was impossible for them to share a bedroom with a sibling.

The High Court have said that the Department for Work and Pensions needed to work quickly to make sure that housing benefit was not reduced where an extra bedroom was required for a disabled child unable to share a room. In reply the Government have stated that the new ruling will be introduced in Autumn. They also said that they have already given £150m to councils to make payments where they feel necessary to help those who have been affected by the new social changes, since the hearing they have stated that they will also put an additional £35m into the fund for people affected.

We can only hope that the additional funds goes to the right people, who really need to be helped in this time of social transition.

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