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The Secret Of Long-Term Financial Success

As Independent Financial Advisors, Wealth Management is key to our activities at Enable. As with all other IFA’s we are always looking for the best way to make returns over the medium term.  At Enable we always advocate diversity and learning form others success and mistakes. One fund manager who also prefers not to put all her eggs in one basket is Margaret Lawson, co-fund manager of the SVM UK Growth Fund, a 12-year-old portfolio.

Lawson has seen the fund endure a difficult 2011, when it fell 8.2 per cent (A share class), falling behind  the FTSE All-Share Index of UK stocks by 4.7 per cent, but over the longer term, this is a strong fund. Since its launch in March 2000, the fund has delivered a cumulative performance of 74.8 per cent, beating the index by 44.6 per cent. (Lipper data at 29 February, 2012.)

One of the “unique selling points” of a fund like this is how its managers divide it into three categories: its “core” holdings, “tactical” holdings and “alpha kickers”. A “core” segment holds the low-risk, robust selection of stocks that are rotated infrequently; a “tactical” segment contains stocks that are chosen for their exposure to shorter-term trends, such as changes in the economic cycle, and “alpha kicker” segment, which gets its returns from firms undergoing significant change and where shares often trade at a discount and offer potentially large returns.

Enable can see the benefit of being able to adjust the share that these three segments have of the total fund so that performance can be maintained and losses curbed in different economic conditions: recession, strong growth or sluggish growth, our IFA’s are always available to discuss your Wealth Management strategies.

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