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Training underway for our toughest charity event yet….

Enable’s IFA’s in Bishops Stortford have pushed themselves to the limits in previous charity events for their favourite charities. This year it’s the muddy endurance test that is FALLOUT on 11th November 2017.

It is the last event of the year on Nuclear’s permanent obstacle course site. They have award winning, old favourites & new obstacles on the 12k courses. The Enable team can expect to face over 70 natural & man-made obstacles on the 12k – running over undulating farmland, in woodland, lakes, bogs & through their award winning #lovemud obstacle. It is recommended that the team should duck-tape their trainers on for this challenge! The course also includes The Deathslide & ziplines. Mild hypothermia isn’t uncommon say Nuclear and cuts, bruises, scrapes and sore limbs are common, but these are all part of the survivor experience that makes these events so much of a challenge.

From Tough Mudders to Nuclear FALLOUT the strength of one person is nothing compared to the power of a team over a tough, gritty, very muddy obstacle course. Enable have put together a team of 11 people to undertake the FALLOUT 12k challenge in November in aid of Grove Cottage one of our favourite local charities.

The team will face obstacles and hardships but are likely to cross the finish line with more pride and team spirit than they started with and hopefully a significant cash contribution to the good work of Grove Cottage. The Enable team will need to train hard, dig deep, leave their fears in the carpark and push themselves to the edges of their emotional and physical endurance. If getting muddy cold and wet is not your thing here is a link to our Virgin Money page so you can make your contribution to Grove Cottage that way.


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