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Securing a mortgage is more complex than ever and can be daunting if you have not done it before.

The internet is full of deals, promotions and Best Buys – but which one is right for you? There are countless lenders each with their own criteria and offers.

Our independent mortgage advisers understand the market completely. They will save you time by doing the research and running around for you – having first carefully listened to your objectives and answered your questions.

Our advisers and their support team will keep you updated all the way – during what is generally accepted to be one of life’s more stressful times.

If appropriate they can also help you make sure that the mortgage and monthly repayments are fully protected in the event of death or illness.

Use our mortgage tools and calculators to get started:-

Our first mortgage meeting will be met at our cost and during this we will explain our charges to you.  We have a fixed fee of between £149 to £299 payable ,depending on the level of research needed and the type of mortgage applied for. This is a non-refundable fee and will cover part of our administration charges should the mortgage not complete for any reason.

In addition to the application fee we have a minimum charge for our mortgage services of £500 payable on completion of your mortgage. We will receive a commission from the mortgage lender. If the commission we earn from the lender covers the cost of our fee, no additional fee will be charged to you, however if the commission is less than £500, we will charge you a fee to make up the difference.

Example – our fee is 0.35% of your selected loan amount subject to a minimum fee of £500. E.g. if our commission from the mortgage lender is 0.35% this might equate to £350 based on a loan amount of £100,000. 

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Core Financial Life Planning elements can be separated into the key areas where clients prefer standalone specific targeted advice. These include:-

We try to take away the hassle and we aim to make you financially organised.