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Where to Save?

Enable’s IFAs know that the pain for savers appears to be never-ending. Recent figures from the Bank of England show that the rates for your average instant-access accounts have fallen to 0.15pc, so it’s hardly surprising that NS&I have also cut their rates including Premium Bonds.

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But despite premium bonds prize money being cut from May 2017 from the rate for someone with average luck falling from 1.25pc to 1.15pc it still remain one of Britain’s most popular savings vehicles, in which £66.7bn is invested. The complex way in which monthly prizes are distributed, with two £1m jackpots per month, and more than 2m £25 prizes paid, it means the odds of winning with any £1 bond are tricky to calculate but in total, 2,224,513 prizes of all values are currently paid per month. Dropping only slightly to 2,219,493 this May making the odds of any £1 bond winning any prize of any value will remain roughly one in 30,000.

The biggest falls in the number of prizes apply to the £25,000, £10,000 and £5,000 bands. The very smallest prizes of £25 increase from 2.1m to 2.2m. But security is the main draw of NS&I, and the main benefit of Premium Bonds, all the money invested in NS&I is 100pc protected by the Government, and bonds can be cashed at any time. However, many cite the chance to win big is what draws savers into Premium Bonds specifically but there’s really is no guarantee, it’s a lottery you could win nothing at all and inflation could be eroding your cash. It’s probably best to think of them as a flutter rather than aa savings account. But if you want some help finding better returns Enable’s IFAs are happy help you look at your options.


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